Wow…. today “Get Altitude” reached 50.000 downloads!

Looks like it proved useful for lot’s of people and has become one of the most popular App’s for altitude measurement.

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App Review

There is a nice and very positive review of GetAltitude available on AndroGeoid.
Seems like GetAltitude was more accurate during the test than a professional outdoor GPS device ;-)

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Get Altitude Release 1.2

Just released Get Altitude v.1.2 with (voice-)search support.


A1 App developer challenge

Currently we are participating in the “A1 Challenge for Apps 2010″ which is a developer challenge hosted by the largest Austrian mobile network operator, A1 (yes, we have our roots in Austria).

We joined this challenge as an opportunity to implement a new App idea which has been in the back of our heads since room.404′s start. It will be in the field of “mountain risk management”, something with lot’s of local relevance.

Recently we visited Vienna to join a developer event held by A1. It was very interesting to get in contact with other platform developer’s like RIM and Nokia.
If you are interested, listen to our chit-chat :) in the video embedded below…

There is only one more month to go, so we’re really busy at the moment!

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Get Altitude Release 1.1

Just released Get Altitude v.1.1 with a much improved UI:
- Works with Android 2.x pinch-zoom
- Double tap to zoom in
- Some other small improvements…


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New Release: Get Altitude!

Our second public release is called Get Altitude and is a smart tool to check the altitude of places anywhere on the planet - without the need of GPS.

Just select a spot on the Google Map and you will get its altitude in meter/foot and GPS coordinates – that’s it, that’s all!

Hope you enjoy it…


Release 1.3.9 and Future Plans

Recently we released Inserty 1.3.9, which brings a huge performance boost and some minor changes with it.

In addition, we are also working on “Inserty Pro”!

The main features will be:

- Drag & Drop of list items

- Backup / Import to SD card

- Send contact details (phone number, email, …)

What features do you want in Inserty Pro?? Let us know!


Inserty made the 10k!

In the last few weeks Inserty has received two more updates, so 1.3.4 is the current version number. New features include eg. configureable GPS coordinates, which was one of our users’ requests.

We are very happy that so many users found Inserty useful, resulting in currently  more than 11.000 downloads! *singanddance*
Thanks to everybody who provided us with feedback, comments and useful ideas!

We at room.404 are currently tied up in some other exciting projects in preparation for the Mobile World Congress, but after that we’ll spend some time on cool new Inserty features which we’ve been carrying around for a while.

cheers, max and toby

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Inserty v1.3.2 update

By popular demand from our US users, this update adds a #STATE# tag to the list of possible dynamic text.
It should resolve to the current location’s state or province.
(Tested in US, Germany and Austria… We would love to hear from you if it works alright (or doesn’t) elsewhere, too.)

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Inserty v1.3 released

Inserty now supports adding one or multiple default recipients which will automatically be used when creating a blank message from an Inserty text.

Also, we’ve been getting emails about adding further dynamic text tags, so Inserty now supports the following dynamic data:

  • #MYADDRESS# – The full address of the GPS location you are currently at
  • #MYSTREET# – Only the street name of the current location’s address
  • #MYZIPCODE# – The ZIP code of the current location
  • #MYCITY# – The city you are currently located in
  • #MYCOUNTRY# – The country you are currently located in
  • #MYGPS# – The GPS coordinates you are currently at
  • #MYTIME# – The local time
  • #MYDATE# – The current date
  • #MYGMAPSLINK# – A clickable link to Google Maps, zoomed to your current location
  • #MYALTITUDE# – The altitude you are currently at (taken from GPS)
  • #CLIPBOARD# – The contents of the clipboard

Thanks again for all the helpful emails and feature requests.

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